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Signs of the Times
Prophecy in the News

Welcome! Have you noticed that reading the news lately is a lot like reading the Bible? It's amazing how many things the Bible foretold are now coming to pass right before our eyes. You don't need a prophet of God to tell you "the end is near." Jesus said you would know for yourself simply by observing the signs of the times.

The headlines below are linked to original articles. All scriptures are linked to the Bible Gateway so you can easily research context and choose different Bible versions.

"When these things begin to come to pass,
then look up, and lift up your heads;
for your redemption draweth nigh."

Luke 21:28

Signs of Nature

BBC News Photo02/27/03 - Ethiopia drought 'may be worst since 1984'
06/29/02 - Drought Forces Up to 500,000 Ethiopians From Homes
05/21/02 - Southern Africa faces worst hunger crisis in 10 years
05/10/02 - Famine Looms for Southern Africa
05/07/02 - Zimbabwe officially in famine condition
05/06/02 - Starving Guatemalan peasants fear 2nd hungry year
04/24/02 - Taiwan faces worst drought in decades
Reuters Photo03/26/03 - Northwest quake under way _ taking weeks, not seconds
03/25/03 - Strong earthquake rocks central Indonesia
03/18/03 - Japan: 10,000 Deaths if Big Quake Hits
02/24/03 - China quake toll rises
01/27/03 - One dead in Turkish earthquake
01/22/03 - Strong Quake Shakes Central Mexico; at Least 23 Killed
01/18/03 - Moderate Earthquake Hits Central Japan
06/29/02 - 4.5 magnitude quake shakes Mt. Hood
06/25/02 - Iran hit by quake aftershocks
06/24/02 - Iranian Earthquake Rocks CW Facilities
06/18/02 - Moderate Earthquake Rattles Midwest
05/22/02 - Powerful Earthquake Shakes Crete
05/21/02 - Strong Earthquake Shakes Egypt
05/14/02 - Earthquake Rocks San Francisco Area
05/11/02 - Fairly strong quake strikes northeastern Japan
05/11/02 - Earthquake shakes southern Mexico
05/11/02 - Moderate earthquake rattles Rhodes
05/06/02 - Moderate quake strikes northeastern Japan
04/26/02 - Strong Earthquake Rocks Guam
04/26/02 - Iran quake flattens 10 villages, kills two
BBC News Photo03/31/03 - HK alert over killer bug cluster
03/28/03 - Mystery illness spreads
03/26/03 - WHO mulls global travel restrictions as SARS cases rise
03/22/03 - CDC: 22 in U.S. now suspected of having mystery illness
03/20/03 - Six Californians Suspected of Having Mystery Illness
03/15/03 - UN Warns of Worldwide Threat from Killer Pneumonia
03/13/03 - Alert over Hong Kong 'super-flu'
03/10/03 - Get ready for a new -- and nastier -- West Nile season
03/10/03 - Explosion of sex infections overwhelms health service
03/04/03 - Ebola Death Toll Keeps Climbing in Congo
03/02/03 - Resistant-bacteria reports cause alarm
07/17/02 - South Korean doctors find 'superbacteria'
06/25/02 - Death toll rises in Russian floods; disease feared
06/24/02 - Measles Epidemic Spreading in Italy
06/21/02 - Starvation looms in flood-stranded Indian area
06/21/02 - Dengue/dengue haemorrhagic fever in El Salvador
06/19/02 - West Nile virus confirmed in Texas
06/17/02 - Killer Flu Virus Changes Its Skin
05/24/02 - U.S. Officials Urge Steps Against West Nile Virus
05/21/02 - Mysterious deadly outbreak claims lives of 10
Signs in the Heavens and Earth
(Unusual weather, new discoveries in space, UFO's, etc.)
NASA/AP Photo03/27/03 - Is the Earth preparing to flip?
03/16/03 - Word is made flesh as God reveals himself... as a fish
02/19/03 - Comet returns after 37,000 years
06/25/02 - Blazing Arizona is 'disaster zone'
06/14/02 - Volcanoes Loom as Sleeping Threat for Millions
05/22/02 - Heat Wave in India Kills 1,000
05/10/02 - Giant Glacier Falls Into Ocean Near Antarctica
04/26/02 - 2002 'warmest for 1,000 years'
04/25/02 - Giant iceberg spells disaster
04/11/02 - Caution--Planetary Traffic Jam Ahead!
04/11/02 - Geologist says North Pole may flip to South
04/07/02 - Strange lights in the sky baffle Bavarians
04/03/02 - Five planets will line up in April, May
03/28/02 - Study: Global Warming Hits Species All Over World
03/26/02 - More Icebergs at Risk
03/20/02 - No Respite for Flooded Southeast
03/19/02 - Antarctic ice shelf breaks apart
03/19/02 - Whew! Stealth asteroid nearly blindsides Earth
03/17/02 - Commercial fishermen demand answers to 'black water' mystery
03/07/02 - El Nino 2002: How big a punch?
03/03/02 - Drought Grips Much of Country
02/28/02 - Global Alarm Bells Ring as Signs of El Nino Mount
02/21/02 - Comet Ikeya-Zhang is presently heading north in planet Earth's sky
02/20/02 - Vanishing Saturn
11/18/01 - Sky watchers who saw it will never forget it: the 2001 Leonid meteor storm
11/18/01 - The Stars Are Falling Out of Leo the Lion!

Signs of Society
03/26/03 - Hundreds Of Arrests After Protesters Block Fifth Ave.
03/25/03 - Peace Activists Planning to Disrupt Manhattan

03/20/03 - US Anti-War Protests Flare, More Than 1,000 Arrests

03/20/03 - San Francisco protesters stage a 'vomit in'
03/20/03 - Protest fears close embassies
06/28/02 - Mass breakout at Australian detention center

04/11/02 - 12 dead as Venezuela police, protesters clash
02/28/02 - India Braced for Anarchy After Fatal Train Attack
AP Photo03/22/03 - Clashes at Madrid anti-war protest
03/18/03 - See men shredded, then say you don't back war
01/22/03 - Two Teens Nabbed in Stabbing Death of 2-Year-Old
07/19/02 - Couple Charged With Beating Infant Son to Death, Burning Him in Fireplace
05/07/02 - Pipe-Bomb Suspect Arrested in Nev.
04/27/02 - Four People Killed in Shooting at Laughlin, Nev., Casino
04/26/02 - Eighteen Killed in School Shooting
04/20/02 - Teen charged with killing brother with hammer
03/28/02 - Study links TV viewing among kids to later violence
CNN News Photo03/26/03 - Supreme Court hears 'right to sodomy' case
02/26/03 - Lecherous celebrities living it up
02/21/03 - Government urges under-16s to experiment with oral sex
06/30/02 - Half million turn out for SF gay pride parade
06/26/02 - Law Extends Benefits To Same-Sex Couples
06/26/02 - Pledge Declared Unconstitutional
06/25/02 - Over 160 gay teens attend prom
06/18/02 - Victoria's Secret Special Gives New Meaning to CBS Eye
05/18/02 - Belgium Legalizes 'Mercy' Killings
05/10/02 - Child sex book given out at U.N. summit
05/06/02 - Little Children Featured at Northampton's 'Gay Pride'
03/04/02 - Human cloning project claims progress

AP New Photo04/26/02 - Co-workers feud over winning lottery ticket
03/21/02 - Oscar greed -- is it out of control?
03/16/02 - Many Doctors Say They Are Refusing Medicare Patients
03/12/02 - Identity Thieves Get Online
03/11/02 - Nasdaq Chart Tells Tale of Fear & Greed
02/26/02 - Pharmacist Pleads Guilty to Diluting Drugs
02/13/02 - Confronting Greed in America
03/07/02 - Hit-Run Victim Lived Two Days Trapped in Windshield of Woman's Car
02/15/02 - Supermarket Rage: A Case of Lettuce Not A-Salt

03/07/02 - School Self-Esteem Programs Get Mixed Grades
02/07/02 - Study: Teen-agers often mix unsafe sex with drink, drugs
01/02/02 - Europe parties for 2002
02/28/02 - Teens drink quarter of all alcohol consumed in US
02/09/02 - Counselor beaten, set on fire; teen girls arrested
03/19/03 - Suicide 'epidemic' among Japan's elderly
05/24/02 - Tipper Gore: Daily alerts 'exhausting' for mental health
04/19/02 - Putin Says Future's Bleak, and Bureaucrats Are to Blame
04/07/02 - Anxiety Over Sept. 11 Has Increased Months Later
03/31/02 - Pope laments 'tragic' Mideast
03/15/02 - Despite Zinni Mission, Little Optimism Over a Mideast Truce
03/06/02 - Middle East Sinks into War and Despair
02/27/02 - Doomsday Clock Moved Two Minutes Closer to Midnight
02/07/02 - Enron Workers Tell of 'Unbearable Grief'
09/19/01 - First Lady Comforts Americans Upset by Terrorist Attacks, Prospect of War

Negative Spiritual Signs
False Christs & Prophets and their cultic groups.
Matthew 24:2-5,11; Mark 13:6,21-22; and Luke 21:8
CourtTV Photo07/19/02 - Indians begin worshipping dead British soldier as 'god'
03/26/02 - Heaven's Gate Survivor Keeps Faith
03/16/02 - Mystery surrounds Uganda cult deaths
03/15/02 - Moon Predicts One-World Religion - Denies Divinity Of Christ

03/14/02 - Miss Cleo is from California, not Jamaica
03/05/02 - Stigmata Priest Has Church Buzzing
03/01/02 - Can Bono Save the World?
02/13/02 - Religious Group Suspected in Funeral Home Murders
01/22/02 - Cult Mystery
01/17/02 - Seeing the future - or just dollar signs?
Apostasy in the professing church.
2 Thessalonians 2:3; and 2 Timothy 3:5, 4:3-4
03/20/02 - Roll of Religion Grew, Then Fell
03/20/02 - Majority in U.S. See Decline in Religion's Influence, Poll Shows
09/06/02 - Christianity Almost Beaten in Britain, Says Cardinal
Widespread heresy in the church.
2 Timothy 4:1-4
03/04/03 - Potter called Christ-like: Minister compares boy wizard to Jesus in new book
06/24/02 - US Presbyterian Church Votes to Allow "Unrestricted Right" to Abortion Till Viability
03/21/02 - Survey Reveals Americans' Muddled Religious Beliefs
03/13/02 - Keeping the Faith, But on Their Own Terms
03/15/02 - Blair's faith much misunderstood
02/23/02 - Miracle to happen in April, Mama Mary tells visionaries
Movement toward a one world religion.
Revelation 17
03/30/03 - Pope Warns That War Could Bring 'Religious Catastrophe'
03/29/03 - Pope Warns Against Religious Hatred

02/27/03 - Guru would join Pope in front of bombs
01/19/03 - Christian Unity Would Be a Gift of God, Says John Paul II

05/18/02 - New Coalition Announces First Steps Toward Broad U.S. Christian Alliance

03/27/02 - Greek Sees Orthodox and Catholic Church on Path of Cooperation
03/15/02 - Lutheran leader says Bush should create 'axis of love'
02/16/02 - Mideast clerics meet in secret to determine God's will
01/24/02 - Pope Brings Religious Leaders to Assisi to Pray for Peace
12/19/01 - Religious leaders meet on terror
Persecution of true believers.
Matthew 24:9-10; Mark 13:9,11-13; and Luke 21:12-19
Reuters Photo03/01/03 - Suspects acquitted of murdering Christians
03/27/02 - Turkey yanks Christian radio station off air
03/24/02 - Christians Pray for Five Killed in Pakistan Church
03/17/02 - Two Americans Among Five Killed in Pakistan Church Attack
03/06/02 - Senators walk out on pastor's political prayer
03/06/02 - Killing for God
03/04/02 - Sudan jihad forces Islam on Christians
03/02/02 - China cuts power, water to elderly Christians
02/25/02 - Under Suspicion: Faith in France
02/19/02 - 11 Christians arrested in Zimbabwe
Outbreak of demonic and occultic activity.
1 Timothy 4:1
02/25/03 - Witches new 'girl power' icons
03/26/02 - Pagan pride parade -- and Ase! we go

03/05/02 - Satanic Message Scrawled On Warren Church
03/02/02 - Fast food restaurant pulls toys with occult overtones
03/02/02 - Channelling to other worlds
03/02/02 - Yates Said She Killed to Save Kids
02/18/02 - Potter Prompts Course in Witchcraft
02/01/02 - German satanic couple sentenced
01/23/02 - Satan is still alive and well on planet Earth
11/28/01 - Pagan Retreat Center Files Suit in Kansas

Positive Spiritual Signs
Outpouring of the Holy Spirit.
Joel 2:28-29
News Press Photo03/22/03 - Thousands of troops request Bibles
03/14/02 - Students take faith to new level

03/14/02 - Israel Fasts and Cries Out to the Lord
03/07/02 - Supernatural Events Create Hunger in India
03/02/02 - Famous atheist's son campaigning for prayer in schools
03/01/02 - Residents Strike Back After ACLU Suit
02/25/02 - NewsWatch: Timely and Spirit -filled Good News
02/07/02 - Bush urges Americans to turn to prayer
Revival of Davidic worship.
1 Chronicles 16:1-39; Psalm 150; and Amos 9:11
03/17/02 - A Good Report: Benefits of the Worship Movement
01/26/02 - Christian Music's Popularity Soars
Worldwide evangelism.
Matthew 24:14 and Mark 13:10
Southern Seminary Photo05/10/02 - Christendom: On the rise in the world
03/16/02 - 'Beach Reachers' help spring breakers stay safe
03/14/02 - Students teach abstinence, preach gospel in AIDS-plagued continent
03/14/02 - Seminary team in Africa sees more than 500 come to Christ
03/13/02 - Permission granted for first Christian radio station in Chad
03/13/02 - Global figures and trends from 'Operation World'
02/27/02 - From 'doing nothing,' church moves to multifaceted missions outreach
Understanding of Bible prophecy.
Daniel 12:4,8-9
10/02/01 - 'Left Behind' author Jerry Jenkins on God and September 11

World Political Signs
Re-establishment of Israel.
Ezekiel 36:22 - 37:14; Zechariah 12:1-6; Matthew 24:32-34; Mark 13:28-30; and Luke 21:29-31
Reuters News PhotoBible History Timeline
Israel - God's Timepiece
History of Israel
Arab hostility toward Israel.
Ezekiel 35:1 - 36:7
Getty Images04/01/03 - Israel still faces Scud danger
06/18/02 - Twenty Dead in Jerusalem Bus Blast
05/08/02 - Sharon: 'The battle continues' Suicide bombing kills 15
04/27/02 - Palestinians Attack Jewish Settlement
04/25/02 - Egypt's PM says will wage war on Israel if $100 billion raised
04/23/02 - Saudi troops mass on border with Jordan
04/13/02 - Powell postpones Arafat meeting
04/07/02 - Heavy Fire Across Israel-Lebanon Border
04/05/02 - Israeli troops and gunmen in Nativity church standoff
04/04/02 - Thousands march in Baghdad against Israeli attacks
04/04/02 - Syria moves troops in Lebanon after Israeli warning
04/03/02 - U.S. fumes as Saddam hikes rewards
03/31/02 - Sharon: Israel Is 'at War,' Arafat Is the 'Enemy'
Russia as a menacing power to Israel.
Ezekiel 38:1 - 39:16
03/29/02 - FM laments attack on Arafat's residence
03/21/02 - Crisis looming between U.S., Russia
03/14/02 - Russia outraged that nation appears on list of U.S. nuke targets
02/14/02 - Moscow warns U.S. not to start new fights
Asian nations capable of fielding an army of 200 million.
Revelation 9:15-16 and 16:12
FT Photo03/25/03 - China readies for future U.S. fight
03/20/03 - China Demands End to Attack on Iraq
03/20/02 - Viewing US as obstacle...China modernizes military
03/04/02 - China plans big rise in army funds
02/28/02 - APB: China's Growing Threat
01/30/01 - China arming U.S. enemies
Wars and rumors of wars.
Matthew 24:6-7; Mark 13:7-8; and Luke 21:10
03/29/03 - Syria Joins Battle of Words
03/21/03 - Massive firestorm targets Iraqi leadership
03/21/03 - Tanks roll in desert as airstrikes hit cities
03/16/03 - Saddam Warns of World War if U.S. Strikes
03/08/03 - Pyongyang: We'll put a torch to New York
03/06/03 - Bush convenes war Cabinet
01/22/03 - U.S. Attack 'Possible Any Minute,' Says Iraqi VP

05/25/02 - ‘Critical point’ for India, Pakistan

05/14/02 - Risk of Indo-Pak war looms large
05/10/02 - MK Steinitz warns of possible regional war
04/06/02 - Sudan to Train Fighters for Palestinian 'Holy War'
04/01/02 - Islamic states warn of 'all-out war' in Mid-East
04/01/02 - Israel 'dragging Mid-East into war'
03/31/02 - Sharon: Israel in War for Survival
Kingdom against kingdom (civil and ethnic wars).
Matthew 24:7; Mark 13:8; and Luke 21:10
AP Photo03/22/03 - 'Dozens dead' in Nigeria clashes
02/28/03 - We will gas you when US bombs fall, Kurds told
03/21/02 - Pakistan heads for crisis
02/28/02 - Hindu Rioters Attack Muslims, Killing Dozens, Including Families in Homes
02/26/02 - Blair-Schröder plan to open up EU
02/03/02 - Ethnic Riots Break Out in Lagos
Reunification of Europe.
Daniel 2:41-44, 7:8, 24-25, and 9:26
Euro Website Photo03/31/03 - EU force deploys in Macedonia
03/27/03 - Prodi issues call to arms
03/20/03 - EU regrets war on Iraq
06/19/02 - Prodi’s shake up plan faces opposition
05/16/02 - France and Britain demand powerful EU president
05/06/02 - Giscard wants common European diplomacy
04/20/02 - Europe plans $300m sanctions retaliation on US
04/11/02 - Global war crimes court opens at UN
04/11/02 - International court signals a new era
04/10/02 - Bible's 'Roman leader' in wings?
03/25/02 - EU Official to Speak at Arab Summit
03/24/02 - European Union envisions a capital for all...
Movement toward a one world government & one world economy.
Revelation 18
Euro Website Photo03/24/03 - Solana considers one EU seat in UN solution to divisions
01/21/03 - France & Germany dream of EU embassies around the world
05/13/02 - Blair's 'battle plan' for the euro
05/13/02 - Study finds more people warming to euro
05/10/02 - Euro honored for role in European unity
05/06/02 - EU military chief calls for merging EU and NATO
05/02/02 - EU's Prodi calls for 'one sole political voice' to discuss euro
03/23/02 - Euro on the rise as EU and US get closer
03/22/02 - Poor Nations Tell Rich Ones: Get Ready to Pay for Peace
03/20/02 - U.S. spurns renewed calls for world tax
03/14/02 - Spain on Alert as EU Readies Economy-Reform Summit
On January 1, 2002 Europeans in 12 Countries Woke Up to New Currency
02/12/02 - Euro has holes in it

Technological Signs
Nuclear weapons.
Matthew 24:22; Luke 21: 25-26; and Revelation 6:8, 8:7 and 16: 2
Reuters Photo03/08/03 - Iran's Nuclear Threat
03/02/03 - NK warns of 'horrifying disasters'
05/24/02 - Limited Nuclear War in Asia Would Kill Millions
05/05/02 - Billionaire Predicts Nuclear Attack
03/22/02 - Nuclear option in Iraq? Sources say U.S. considering possibility
03/20/02 - Islam expert warns of nuke terror
03/14/02 - U.S. to Conduct 6th Missile Shield Test on Friday
03/09/02 - Pentagon Lists Nuclear Targets
03/07/02 - Scientists: Threat of 'Dirty' Nukes Is Real
03/03/02 - Fears Prompt U.S. to Beef Up Nuclear Terror Detection
02/28/02 - Nuke Test Fallout Caused 15,000 U.S. Deaths
02/27/02 - Safety Zone: Is America Ready for a Nuclear Strike?
02/17/02 - Pakistan ready to test new missile
Television and satellite transmission.
Revelation 11:3-12
CNN News Photo03/26/02 - Green light for Galileo project
03/09/02 - Rejuvenated Hubble Space Telescope returns to orbit
03/07/02 - New camera in place on Hubble
03/07/02 - Satellites, software plot safer Antarctic routes
02/28/02 - EU's satellite project set for go-ahead
02/28/02 - Largest Euro-satellite prepared for launch
02/27/02 - Guess who's tracking you by cell phone?
Revelation 13:14-15
01/14/02 - Swarms Of Tiny Robots To Monitor Water Pollution
01/02/02 - Robo Lobster to Sniff Out Mines
Computer and laser technology (mark of the beast).
Revelation 13:16-18
AP Photo05/10/02 - Silicon chips give medical history
04/22/02 - VeriChip's National Rollout Begins in Palm Beach County, Florida
03/31/02 - Japanese supercomputer takes world's fastest title from US
04/04/02 - FDA Clears Implantable Chip
03/28/02 - Locator madness pervades plenty of devices
03/26/02 - GPS enters the mainstream
03/25/02 - Digital Angel Corporation and Life Care Services Beta Test
02/27/02 - U.S. to Weigh Computer Chip Implant
02/25/02 - I, Chip? Technology to Meld Chips into Humans Draws Closer
High speed transportation.
Daniel 12:4
03/10/02 - London City Airport Hits Record Numbers
03/08/02 - Passengers return to air travel
02/15/02 - American: Air service getting back to normal
World's Top 50 Airports

The Accelerator Signs
Population explosion.
Revelation 9:15-16 and 16:12
01/12/00 - World Population Profile
World Population Clock
Frequently Asked Questions about Population Growth
Increase in knowledge.
Daniel 12:4
CNN Photo02/27/02 - Broadband bill scheduled for House vote
02/07/02 - Report: More than 50 percent of U.S. on Internet
Increase in violence.
Matthew 24:12
03/02/02 - India Violence Spreads, Toll Hits 415
Increase in transportation.
Daniel 12:4
02/26/02 - Industry survey finds active travellers undaunted by 9/11
02/26/02 - Air France doubles summer capacity for the US market
Rapid disintegration of society.
2 Timothy 3:1-4
03/02/02 - Indian government under fire over riots
03/01/02 - Social hypochondria
03/01/02 - India battling to contain explosion of sectarian violence
Signs in general to be like birth pangs - increasing in frequency and intensity.
Matthew 24:8
03/13/02 - Disasters kill 33,000 people in 2001, costs $US34.4 bn

Signs of Israel
Regathering of the people.
Isaiah 11:10-12 and Ezekiel 37:1-12
03/07/02 - Jews, Christians in uneasy alliance over Israel
02/01/02 - Argentinean Jews are Coming Home
12/11/02 - 57,000 move to Israel since outbreak of violence
06/15/01 - American Jews still move to Israel during Mideast crisis
04/28/01 - Sharon wants SA Jews for Israel
The Regathering
Re-establishment of the state.
Isaiah 66:7-8; Zechariah 12:1-6; and Matthew 24:32-35
Bible History Timeline
Israel - God's Timepiece
History of Israel
Reclamation of the land.
Isaiah 35:1-2,7 and Ezekiel 36:34-35
Advanced Agriculture as a Tool Against Desertification
Agriculture in Israel: Making the Desert Bloom
Development of Water Resources
Hula Valley Swamplands Restored
Revival of the language.
Zephaniah 3:9
Eliezer Ben-Yehuda and the Revival of Hebrew
Hebrew Language
An Old Language Reborn
Resurgence of the military.
Zechariah 12:6
Yahoo News Photo06/26/02 - Israel can now launch missile to any location on earth
05/08/02 - Israel Weighs Response to Palestinian Suicide Bomb
03/24/02 - Israel plans big assault if talks fail
03/07/02 - IDF launches massive strike against Gaza
02/28/02 - Israel Attacks Refugee Camps
02/21/02 - Israel Attacks Gaza Strip, Missiles Hit Arafat HQ
Refocusing of world politics, world gathers forces against Israel.
Zechariah 12:2-3
Reuters Photo03/28/03 - Focus / Sudden revival for the road map
05/07/02 - U.N. Assembly chastises Israel 74-4
05/07/02 - Emergency UN General Assembly session to consider resolution condemning Israel for alleged Jenin 'atrocities'
04/23/02 - Israel Rejects U.N. Jenin Probe
04/20/02 - Synagogues burn as Europeans rage
04/20/02 - Global anger at Israel mounts
04/12/02 - Countdown to Israel's 'Doom from Babylon'?
04/12/02 - Calls begin for war crimes trial for Israelis
04/12/02 - France's Jews adopt fortress mentality under daily attacks
04/11/02 - Israel faces global wrath
Reoccupation of Jerusalem.
Zechariah 12:2-6
04/11/02 - Red-Heifer Days Religion takes the lead
04/08/02 - Red Heifer Born in Israel!
Welcome to the Jerusalem Mosaic
Times of Change: Chapters on Urban Jerusalem
If you say...
"People have been saying for thousands of years that the end is near!"
You yourself are fulfilling prophecy!

Knowing this first, that there shall come in the last days scoffers, walking after their own lusts, And saying, Where is the promise of his coming? for since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of the creation. For this they willingly are ignorant of, that by the word of God the heavens were of old, and the earth standing out of the water and in the water: Whereby the world that then was, being overflowed with water, perished: But the heavens and the earth, which are now, by the same word are kept in store, reserved unto fire against the day of judgment and perdition of ungodly men. But, beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing, that one day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day. The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance. But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in the which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up. Seeing then that all these things shall be dissolved, what manner of persons ought ye to be in all holy conversation and godliness, Looking for and hasting unto the coming of the day of God, wherein the heavens being on fire shall be dissolved, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat? Peter II 3:3-12

Now that you have seen evidence that the return of Jesus Christ is very near, even at the door, I beseech you to choose you this day whom you will serve. God loves you and He has a wonderful plan for your life. If you are a follower of Jesus you will not look upon the events that are coming with fear and trepidation. With faith in Him, you will long to be in his presence, face to face with God for all eternity in peace and joy beyond description. If you put off making a decision, you are still making a choice that has eternal consequences.